Stop using spreadsheets to keep track of your diet.

Set your own daily macro targets.
✔️ Daily Macro Tracking. weekly Average.
Micro works with any diet plan.

Cut. Bulk. Maintain. Balanced. Keto. Low Carb. Low Fat. No limitations.

You set your own targets. Adjust them as you go.
Track your weight, macros, cardio, and more to the detail.
✔️ Track it, view it, lose it — or gain it.
Track your Weight Trend, Calorie Trend, Protein, Carbs, Fats, Fiber, Step Count, and even your Creatine intake daily.

You can't manage what you don't measure.
Instant feedback on your weekly diet adherence.
✔️ Simple AND Sustainable.
We built finely tuned evidence-based formulas to help you stay on target.

You'll get instant color-coded feedback on your diet adherence and compliance.

Makes adjustments to your calorie and macro recommendations each week based on how your body is responding.

Expert and personable customer service.
✔️ run by a human.
Hey! I'm Elsie 👋 founder of Micro. All customer support is run by me, a human.

Need help getting started? You'll get a response from me. Need advice, submit a feature request, or submit a bug report? You'll get a response from me.

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